Falling off the can…literally

No  today is not my positive day.  No you don’t need to avoid me just because I don’t feel good. Sometimes its just good to hear from somebody.

The side effects from the Arimidex are )$(#*.  Its a horrible horrible drug.  When I went to the support group, 3 of the women were on it were all taking pain killers to deal with the side effects, and two of them were taking Oxycontin.  Gee, now I know why it makes me feel like crap.  Because it is.  and it does.

Other than that, my arm is getting better slowly but the incision is frozen as a rock to my chest wall.  I am not taking tylenol or aspirin anymore even.  Of course, falling off the garbage can on Sunday was not such a hot idea.  I locked myself out of the house and there I was stuck with the dogs and locked out.  The one window I did not have a storm window on was by the kitchen table, so I worked to get the screen off.  There was nothing to stand on, so idiot me got on the garbage can (upside down GC) and tried to pry open the window. Just as the window came open the garbage can tipped over and I fell to the group landing on all fours. OUCH.  Luckily the bone breaking attributes of Arimidex had not kicked in, and I didn’t break anything but I am sore.  How stupid.  Along came two maintenance guys and they climbed in through the window and opened the door.

So much for today.

On the positive side for me, I am making my own choices about moving forward.  And I would rather have quality of life than quantity.   Besides, this drug only improves my chance of a non reoccurence by 9%.  I have 75 % without taking it.  There is plenty of chance I will never get it back again.  And if I do, we can treat it then.

I want my life back!

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