How much time do we waste doing stupid things in our life, or worrying about silly things of which we have no control over and are not worth our time or effort?

For example:

  1. Dieting.  This country is obsessed with body image.  Women and men, and now more than ever, children are being focused on dieting.  I think children should focus on being children and let the adults do the food choices.  My personal opinion.  The rest – quit obsessing.  Make a plan and stick to it.  Get on with life. Fall down, get up.
  2. fashion:  Another culturally opinionated waste of time.  Wear what you want to wear and looks good on you.  Recently, there was a fashion show for women 50+ on the web somewhere. It is not even worth showing a link to.  Women over 30 would not wear that crap they showed.  Maybe fashion can influence us because like last year – lime green was in.  You could hardly go anywhere shopping and not see lime green.  Give me a break. Lime green does not look good on everybody.
  3. Technology:  Who is driving this? Our needs, or the marketing and sales of high tech companies?  I think we all need to learn common sense.  But its hard to keep up with technology, and as it changes, our existing software and hardware cannot keep up until we upgrade.  This is an expensive lesson.  Why do I need to twitter I asked.  Well, now I love it and do it all the time. Yikes another addiction given in to.  Lots of time wasters out there.
  4. Jumping to conclusions.  Need I say more

Cancer sure does have a point to wake you up to time constraints!  Which is a good thing.  But its too bad by that time, that its a little late.  However, I will take it and try to manage my choices and priorities.

Tomorrow is my oncology three month check up.  I got the lab results back today, and here is another place I can jump right to conclusions or not.  Some of the test results do not look good. Of course, I am no doctor and I don’t know what to expect after the last six months.  I am just saying a few prayers for myself, and hope to have a positive outcome.

But there goes fear, lurking in the background.  )($* go away.

Talk to you tomorrow, after the appointment.

About Bonnie

Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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  • Carri Walker

    I’m reading your blog every day, Bonnie! Love you – hang in there!