We scare ourselves!

blackscottyI got all worried about telling the doctor I decided not to take that medicine cause of all the side effects. I didn’t feel my incision was healing, and my arm is still not working right.

He just said. ‘okay, we’ll try something else. Let’s wait a few months.’

That’s it? No arguments, no pushbacks?  Very nice.

Worried for nothing.  I must be to use to my family, who throws hysterics when everything isn’t as ‘they’ understand it.

Very refreshing.

and today, all my school paperwork was signed off, and I am all set to just go to school for the next year and get my BS in Information Technology, and go back to work later in the health care field.  I might get a masters and teach later.

The point is to be happy.  And I am.

Less stress, no worries, peace!


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