And the Greatest Gift is Love

Hey Everybody,

It’s Valentines Day!  love day, national love day! :)

Love comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, people, pets and situations.  Love isn’t always easy.  It takes an extreme amount of communication and commitment.

I have just had the most amazing week.  I found out I was healthy again.  I am recovering albeit slowly.  I will fully get my use of my arm back. Its better everyday and I am thankful.

Everything is going well.  Today is truly a new beginning.  I am lucky or blessed, or whatever you want to ‘name’ it.

My school and  money grants have been approved through 2015.  That’s a dream come true.  I did not have the opportunity to go to school when I was younger.  So I am doing it now.  Its never too late.  I am surrounding myself with supportive people and a new beginning.  I don’t know where the journey will take me, but I am glad to be going on the ride.

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day, and a beautiful life.

I got the best gift of all this week….the gift of expecting life to be here for me, for  there to be more opportunities for love, for service, for growth and for a future.  So for now, look out world…cause here I come!




About Bonnie

Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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