Words of Wisdom from a little man

A couple of years ago my grandson Kyle was hurt while him and I were out walking the dogs.  I had a retractable lead in my hand, and I had his dog on my leash, a very rambunctious border collie.  She seen a squirrel, and before I knew what happened she jumped over the other dog, in front of Kyle and in bolting – the lead caught Kyle across the neck.

I couldn’t believe it was happening, it happened so fast.  It cut his throat from ear to ear before I dropped it.  The cut was right on the line on his throat.  I have never been so scared in my whole life!!

But the most amazing thing happened, as he recovered.  And he did recover. I was so scared he was going to die.  I carried him all the way home, rushing and screaming all the way for help.  But he was okay.  I have never been so frightened.  The amazing thing was, that he was proud of his scar.  He told me it made him a manly man.  He was proud and said real men have scars.

I guess that’s how I need to look at my mastectomy scars.  I have had a hard time looking at them.  I have had a hard time believing that I survived this horrible horrible disease, or that I even had it.  I have never been through anything like this, or as scared.  But I remember his words; and now I am comforted by them.

This is the little guy that when my dog died, he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, I know Honeybear is okay Mana, but are you? 

His love gets me through all of it.


About Bonnie

Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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