Oh My Everything is Good Again

Hello Everyone

Sorry I didn’t post over the weekend!  Was studying for a big test this morning at 930.  Last week when I had the eye scare…everything turned out to be ‘just take your drops and come in May 24′.  The specialist was not freaked out at all.  Over reaction on the other doctor’s part.

First of all….they need to remember to ‘first do no harm’.  Read the rest of my chart.  Read what I have been going through.  Don’t just storm in and start shouting.  I don’t need it.  Define the problem.  Upsetting me and telling me “this is serious business…and you need emergency surgery right now”.  He really upset me. He is fired…I will never go back to that doctor ever ever ever.

But just see what craziness it can cause if a doctor jumps to conclusions.  I have to remember they are only human too.  They make mistakes, have emotional reactions and alarm their patients. Not that it wasn’t or couldn’t have been serious but thankfully it had an easy fix.  Once I started using the drops my diabetes numbers dropped in half!!!

Warning to me I guess.  Keep track of all systems and how they are doing.  Analyze when something is off and check that I am doing the things I am suppose to be doing.  My numbers dropped from 249 to 168 overnight.  More acceptable but still a little to high. I will work on that.  Normal ranges are 80-100 in the morning but I haven’t been there in 10 years.  Usually 126 is where I want to be in the morning and 160 or less an hour after eating.  No insulin for me yet but I do have to watch it.  Stress also makes it higher so if you have a doctor that doesn’t know your body and what can be expected, you might get an over reaction.

Its always best to know your own body.  Know what crops up that is not normal for you.  Its your body’s way of letting you know something is getting off track.  I examine what I have been eating, did I exercise the day before or is something bothering me that I can control?  We can often examine our reaction to something and take care of it accordingly.  Just looking at my last post I could tell my blood sugars were off.  I get half crazy and start swearing and panic.  Its a sure sign.  Because that’s not normal.

What I did decide though is to go to a specialist – endocrinologist. Its time and probably has been for years.  If you think about it, cancer is part of that whole system.  Sugar feeds cancer.  Oxygen can help eliminate the possibility of getting cancer so exercise!!!

I think one of the problems for me has always been finding some exercise I like to do and making it a part of my life.  When I was younger I played basketball.  I liked baseball.  I lifted weights for awhile and that was fun.  I could do that again. It would help strengthen my arm.  But most of all…I loved to swim!

I grew up around a big beautiful lake in Northern Idaho.  Several lakes were in that area.  I went fishing. I went skating in the winter.  My dad had a boat when I was a kid and I loved boating!  It was peaceful near or on the water and I loved it.  I still love being in the water. I have no fear of water whatsoever but I also have a great respect for it.  Its all a matter of finding some balance in life I guess.

Walking is a great exercise and I started slowly.  Some times I fade off and don’t bother just like writing my blog.  But every time I do it….I love it.  Everytime I dig down into my soul to figure out what is going on…I find something new…new about me!

Getting discouraged, frightened and angry is all a part of cancer but you cannot let it keep you there.  It wins if you do.  So when you fall, wipe your hands off and get back up.  Never stay down. Never let the bastard get you down and keep you there.  Never!

Victory is in rising.

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