Cancer Recovery Resources in Puget Sound

Have you or someone you know struggled with dealing with care during cancer treatment?  Did you know, that breast cancer has the most amount of resources available to you, especially in Puget Sound?  It’s finding them that is the trick!

I didn’t know that.  But I found out through CancerLife Line.  One of the most difficult things going through cancer as a single person has been for me was being able to focus and find help.  Every oncologist’s office is associated with a social worker, and that person can be of great help to wade through the enormous amount of data and can refer you to sources.

There are several small boutiques in Seattle that sell garmets to deal with after surgery.  Most of us don’t know that these things exist or that our insurance covers them!!  What amazed me was even my bras are covered by insurance each year!  And they get custom made at Nordstroms or any of the little boutique shops.  The good thing about the boutique shops is that they are very personalized, and follow up with you to make sure you are happy with your purchases.

Mistake number one for me:  I bought the bras and prosthesis to soon after surgery.  You really need to wait until your surgical incision is healed on the inside.  I really felt my frozen shoulder has been directly related to this and it makes me so mad!  But where is my person to advise me?  Sigh…this is something I am going to work for change.  Patients need to have someone there.  If most places do it now, well I fell through the cracks on that one.

I feel pretty isolated when it comes to followup care.  I have pretty much struggled through this on my own.  With the help of the internet I have found things.  Going back to the primary care physician has helped.  He is a little more generic and covers lots of things.  The whole thing is a blur anyway, and I feel like I just emerged out of a long long tunnel.  So perhaps if anyone said anything to me anyway….I might not have heard.

But now, I found Cancer lifeline and all their classes throughout Puget Sound.  Their classes are free, but you do need to sign up for them ahead of time.  Examples are nutrition classes, yoga for survivors, and they provide counselors if you just want to talk. is their web site.  You can also call them at 206 297-2100.

There are many classes on meditation, stress management and eating right for cancer.  Definitely a program worth looking into and it is the right price…free!



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