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FalltreeOkay it has been a long time since I posted,, because I got a new computer and I didn’t remember my login ID and password which is on my old computer…this computer! :)

And my dear friend Sam has not returned my calls.  We need to get the new computer validated and synced up with the blog!

Not that I have that much new to write about. Well, maybe I do!

This has been the month of funerals.  Gees, no not just two as I have earlier posted…three and now possible four.  I think I will go to bed till the end of the month and not get up. I don’t want to hear that anyone else died.

My good friend Lee passed away (everybody likes that term better) after falling in his shower.  His aorta tore and he bled out.  Not to nice huh?  Just reminds us that shit happens besides getting cancer.

Reminds me to get out and celebrate fall!  Reminds me to help his widow Pat with adjusting and remembering to laugh.  She is a great person and a good friend.  Pat and Lee were special friends to me for over 12 years.  They don’t  make old friends any more!  Remember to hug your friends today!

I made it through Pinktober month without to much grief.  Another friend posted how his son is swimming for cancer research. I thought that was great.  Not just breast cancer, but all types.  And they are not just doing research but helping survivors to cope and deal with their new ‘normal’ life.  I guess one of them is me! :)    Here is their site:

I am lucky to have a friend with such a compassionate and dedicated swimmer son!  I love the water myself.  And as I think I have said on here, swimming helped me heal so much.  I love the water and it totally takes me to a serene place of joy.  All my tension leaves.  I don’t care about anything.  Its definitely my drug of choice.  Two hours in the pool and I am resurrected!

Girl Child Swimming Clip Art

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