Holidays – do you find them difficult?

SIgnSometimes all this cheer is more than I can bear.  I think a lot of people feel that way around the holidays because many don’t have these big family gatherings.  If you look around your neighborhood….do you really see what is in your community?  How many are homeless out there? How many don’t have pet food for their pets?  Are you really noticing or are you to busy with your own world, to help others?

But probably you don’t want to be bothered with that.

I am impressed with the new Catholic Pope Frances.  And I am not Catholic.  He is trying to get you and I to notice our neighbors, and to take care of them.  He doesn’t seem all bound up in Catholic doctrine and procedure.  It makes me wonder how long he will last?  He professes to a simple   life.  I think what he is saying, deserves a look and a listen from the entire world.

What would Jesus do?  We keep hearing this …not so much and sometimes often.  How do you think Jesus sees this world?  Do you think he is happy with the job we are doing?  I probably fall way short of the mark.  I try.  But….sigh.

Do we forgive one another?  Or do we carry that heavy burden month in and month out.   Why?  Why do we feel other people must meet our expectations?  Why do we sometimes feel we should meet other’s expectations?  Why can’t we just let people live their own lives and accept them for who they are? If we can’t stand them, we don’t need to stay around them; but at least just let it go.

we are all to burdened to carry this stuff.  If Jesus forgave us; why can’t we forgive others.  and when we forgive others; shut the heck up and let us get on with our lives.

If you weren’t confused when I started this you probably are now.

I am not feeling to happy with this season.  The good news is:  I just need to get through the next three days and it will be over.

I won’t even bore you with the details.  I think  I will just pour another cup of coffee.




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