Am I tired or am I tired?

I think I am too tired to do a  post today, but here I am, late, I am sorry.  I am just so tired.  Wow, yesterday I took the bus to Seattle, had an appointment with a fitter(go ahead ask what a fitter is), had lunch out and took the bus home.

This is my first trip out besides to doctors appointments since the last surgery November 13th.  Maybe it is the weather to. It didn’t help that it rained and I was soaked.  Everybody was soaking wet in Seattle the last few days.

I had a nice experience at Nordstroms and thanks to them for trying to make me look great.  I had some makeup done, and then I got fitted, and it was so weird I can’t even write about it yet.

Its all to new.  I am going to bed, bury my head in the covers, maybe watch Ellen and Jay Leno.  Maybe read. Maybe just sleep.

I came off all my pain meds last week.  It could be partly that.  I need sun is what I think I need.  It should be back by May right?

Sorry for the minimal post.  Cancer makes you tired. Even when you are recovering from it.  Where is my blankie?

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Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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