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Good Morning,

I am not tired today, and I got up feeling great.  Staying away from sugar is hard this time of year but I need to because I think that attributed to me being so tired.

If I take care of myself, eat right, and avoid stress I feel a lot better. We all know we should do it, its just hard to.  Making a decision ahead of time, and setting a goal helps me with that.  I have started to  exercise my left arm.  I learned quickly to do them later in the day because I don’t feel so good afterwards.  The movement in my left arm is improving very slowly. Its frustrating and its been the worst irritating of this whole process.

Now you probably want to know why the arm is not functioning. But if you think about it, our bodies are so connected by tissue, muscles and blood vessels.  My arm is swollen and the shoulder is numb.  There is some kind of fat pocket in the arm pit that is annoying to.  It had a drain in it, and they left extra skin/ fat in case I want to have a Flap reconstruction (like as if I am ever getting on the table again).

Lesson learned here:  Well, if you would ask my children they would tell you that I have never done body fluid things very well in my life.  I mean I have been just in capable of dealing with other peoples vomiting, and bleeding or anything. A nurse I am not. However………after this, I am pretty use to those things. I know that when I was in the hospital, I did pretty well but there were people in there with horrible horrible things and I left feeling and knowing that I am so lucky!

A friend just told me a good positive story this morning, that her mother is a 20 year survivor.  I love good news!  The last week was kind of hard on me, because another patient I met, when I first went into treat died on Thursday.  Everybody’s cancer is different, and everybody’s treatment is different I know.  But I really took it hard when Elaine died.  Her and her husband Keith had a blog, which was really good.  It just bummed me out.  I really need success stories and positiveness.  So I appreciated Carrie this morning when she told me about her mom.   Congrats Mom!

I am reading about nutrition online.  I have been researching what I should eat and how to take care of myself.  Its all pretty confusing but I am going for the fruit and vegetables plan with low meat and dairy.  Since I have had cancer already, literature shows that 7-9 servings a day of fruit and vegetables is important.  These are not things that make you gain weight either.  So my regiment pretty much is granola, blueberries and organic yogurt for breakfasts.  I have tried to stay organic and no chemicals in the meat, but its pretty expensive but I try when I can.  If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy the crap, I just do without.  We are pretty lucky in this area that fruits and vegetables are plentiful all year around.

A good way to remember that I took from somewhere is GMOBS.  Which stands for Greens (all green veggies, add Kale especially),  mushrooms (all kinds of literature on this now and on tv recently  on King 5), onions (lightly cook them and add to other food), Berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) and Seeds.  Seeds are especially good and includes flax, sunflower, walnuts, almonds and others.  All these things are really good for you.  Its just doing it, and shopping, etc.  Since I can’t carry much, I depend on home delivery or sending someone to the store to get it.  My neighbors have been great, and friends too!  Wow, it does take a village.

A priceless item to own is one of those hand claw things for picking up off the floor.  Then no bending or pulling on the incision site. Although now, I am much more mobile than I was and exercise is good. I am going to attempt to clean my house today.  How does one person make such a mess. I will blame it on the dogs!!  However I don’t think they put a weeks worth of jeans, and socks on the bathroom floor.  And I need to repair the bathroom door, it  doesn’t close as my friend Sam found out the other day when we were working on the web site. Sorry Sam!  I really didn’t hear! :)

Someday this site might be beautiful in color and have pictures but for now I have just tried to focus on content and getting it set up.  Maybe the site will unfold as my health blooms!!

Waiting for spring. (on the first day of winter).  Another good thing, the world didn’t come to an end today!! LOL   I would have been mad after all the effort I put in the past five months to stay alive.

Have a great day.  Bonnie


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