The Christmas Lights Twinkle yet one more year!

Hey All,

I spent the afternoon outside!  Fantastic, and a rare opportunity in Redmond in the winter.  I was feeling good, and I got a great idea!! Let’s put up those Christmas lights!

My house is on the corner and it is very dark as you enter the street when its cold, rainy and Seattle type weather.  So off I went to my closet to find the lights and to the shed to find an extension cord.

First of all, I was stupid and went to Target to get an extension cord without looking in my shed. If you knew how dirty my shed was you would head to the store to.  However, that was not such a smart idea yesterday.   Every late shopper and their dog, were at the store.  When I turned into Jiffy Lube to have my radiator checked, the sun caught me in  the eye and I ran over the curb.   Sigh……..ya know, being on a limited income, trying to recover from this stuff, I probably shouldn’t be driving but I have places to go.

The nice Jiffy Lube men (plural mind you) helped me get the car off the high centered concrete thing.  That concrete was to big anyway…but oh what a mess it made under my car. And I thought my leaky radiator was a problem.   Oh boy, oh well it got me home!  But I forgot the extension cord.

Back to the tree lights.  Here I am with one arm trying to get them out of the shed.  I have really learned the mastery of dealing with one arm, that I can’t use to much because it stretches the other side.  When I finally got my 8 strands of tangled lights out of the closet, four of them were dead.  Not to be discouraged, I settled on four strings.  How many do I need anyway?

Next came the darn shed where the door was stuck closed.  Where is there a strong man when you need one (out Christmas shopping)?  I finally took a paint roller extension pole and got it hooked around the darn orange extension cord (good thing it was orange or I never would have seen the damn thing in the shed that has no lighting).  Oh you wait till I go back to work and get some money…I am going to fix up this place.  For those of you that don’t know, I bought it four days before my diagnosis in August.  It was suppose to be for an older relative, but that’s another story.  Life Turned Left!  Anyway, it needs work which I can’t do yet, and can’t afford to get done. It can wait.

So next I found I only have one outlet, on the backside of the house. Lucky for me the extension cord went all the way around the house. I put the lights across the front of the porch, all over the trees (I love my yard here) and bushes.  And tonight, it makes me happy to look out at the lights….twinkling…they are like hope…hope that life is moving forward, that things are getting good again.  Hope that things are healing, and celebration of our God, who is good.  So tonight my little lights twinkle towards the heavens and say thank you to God who extended my stay one more Christmas.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!!!!!

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Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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