Merry Christmas – Look for the Gifts in Your Life

Taking it easy today, not setting expectations to high of myself or of others. Just making it through and thinking of what I wanted to write today.  Don’t feel much like informing today, it’s the holidays and we all are at maximum capacity. What can I give?  Peace if I could.

Being thankful, drinking hot cocoa and eating some ginger bread cookies that are delicious.  Grateful for my health today.  Enjoying good friends. Looking ahead to the future.  Positively enjoying this day.  Soaking my feet in an herbal bath with candles lit everywhere.

I am remembering a lot of Christmas’s past, when I was a kid.  I miss my little brother who died a long time ago.  We were little devils, sneaking peeks of toys that my mother stashed where we did find them.  We were experts. We carefully undid the scotch tape on the edges and opened, just enough to see what was in there.  We never opened them all the way.  Just enough to squeal in delight and share with each other what we were getting.  We shared giggles and looks for days before Christmas eve.  It was fun.  My mother loved giving presents.  She didn’t always pick out the obvious things we wanted, and in later years we use to love to laugh at the things she came up with.

They were good memories.

I wish all of you, a peaceful, sane holiday; and if it isn’t, just relax, it will be over in two days.  Cling to the good and release the bad.  Smile and release endorphins.

I got a book for Christmas.  Its Called 7 – How many days of the week can be extraordinary?  The book is by Annie Dillard.  It has a nice lime green book cover and on the inside cover it says “One of our greatest illusions is that someday we will have more time to savor and enjoy the things we really love.  But one thing leads to another, and someday never comes.”   I think this is going to be an interesting gift.

Someday showed up on my doorstep this year.  It reminds me that this is my life, all of it; the good and the bad, the happy and sad, but at least I am here to experience it.  There really is no such thing as an insignificant day.

Another quote in the book is from Patricia Clifford: “Do you still believe?  The work will wait until you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait until the work is done.”

I thank God for all the people that have crossed my path this year, and wish you all well.  Look for the gifts in your life!


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