Happy New Year!

I am a combination of extremely thankful to many people and happy that we are going into a new year.  I am glad the year is over, and that I am still on this side of the grass.

But in case I haven’t said it enough:

Thank you to Sam!  Countless thank you’s! what a good friend you are!

Thank you to Jennifer who sent an unexpected Pizza..yum yum!

Thank you to Kate in Montreal and all her efforts with Western Union.  Boy that was an education.

Thank you to Anne.  A renewed friendship is the best gift!

Thanks to the best surgeon a patient could ask for.  I hope now I won’t need your services we can be friends.  No…I am not worrying (inside joke).

Of course, thank you to Karen. I would still be sitting there if it wasn’t for you.  Almost 30 years of friendship….priceless.

Thanks to Cindy.  She quilted me the most beautiful bag.  The people at Nordstrom wanted to buy it.  Nope, its my gift.

Thank you to Jules who sat up all night with me.  We both hate drain tubes.  My dogs loved her and I got a good nights rest.

Thanks to my dogs, who were faithfully there through all the smells, tubes, vomiting and pain.

Thanks to Ann Silberman, I hope you make it, but I understand your need to go.  Your son will be a good father, and you will see ‘it’. Graduation is around the corner.  Hugs!

Goodbye to Elaine, who fought a long battle with the help of Keith her loving husband.  Her blog was my first inspiration.

Goodbye to Aunt Nancy, who fought her own battle for 30 years.  She is living proof you can live a long time with this disease and have a full life anyway.

Thanks to the social worker, who provided a vast amount of information, comfort and realization about family.  It helped to reset my expectations and realize people can only do what they can do and to let it go at that.

Thanks to Mary, for the 12 pound prosthesis that I think is the dumbest thing anyone ever invented.  But I suppose I look good and when I fully recover it won’t make me so sore.

I leave you with one message: be nice, and play nice this 2013.

Happy New Year, see you on the other side of the fiscal cliff. LOL

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Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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