Was it only 5 months ago? Mother Earth News Tidbits!

It’s hard to believe. I looked at the calendar and thought it was six months, but its really only five months since the day I had the infamous mammogram.  So much has happened.

Talk about living in  denial.  I have continuously looked for work.  When I was in the waiting room at Virginia Mason, I used their computer and applied for work.  I wonder how that looked?  I physically looked pretty scary!  I had just had a set of wires put in my chest which were inserted through hollow needles.  When the wires are set, marking the beginning and the end of the cancer location, they pull the needles out, and leave the wire behind.  The surgeon uses these to locate where he needs to start and stop the lumpectomy.  Curiously enough, these were not successful.  But…in the meantime, these things stuck out about six inches and the tech wrapped them in some kind of white linen gauze.  I appeared to have a T-Pee on my chest.  Then they sent me to the waiting room to wait for my surgery which was about an hour and a half later.  Thirty minutes after that, I walked out the door going home.

Meanwhile, you should have seen the look on the men’s face in the waiting room.  I mean men because that is who stared.  The women, they just went on chatting and acting like everything was normal.  One little boy came over and stared at me and pointed. He didn’t say a word.  He was cute, about 5 years old.  I just smiled at him and said it didn’t hurt.  He had been smiling up to that time, but when I said that he ran back to his mother and through his head in her lap.  I felt like that too.  But at that moment I giggled and had a good laugh.  People are so weird, and they just love to live in denial.

Oh well, it might be a good place to live.  Yes, that’s where I am from; Denial, USA.

On the weird side, I read everyday, and I wanted to share with you an article that is in Dec/Jan 2013 Mother Earth News.  There is a headline on the cover page that says  “GE Teflon Light Bulbs Kill Chickens”.   This is suppose to be a new humane way to kill chickens. I don’t think I will run out and buy these and put them in my home!

If these can kill a chicken, how healthy can this be in our home??  I am getting very skeptical of products now.

Meanwhile, I am busy filling out job applications, and when I look in the mirror I see how much better I look.  Color is back, hair is growing like crazy – it never fell out because I didn’t have chemo, but it broke off probably from anethesia…or maybe how frightening the whole thing has been.  But my cheeks are red, my eyes are white, and my attitude is up!  Now if my arm would just cooperate.


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