Don’t Forgot Your Password! – Cooking the Bird!! Yum!

Hey everybody!   No I didn’t drop off the face of the earth.  What happens when you forget your password, and all your friends disappear that can fix it?? – no blogging.

I finally remembered.  I wrote it down backwards, just to be cute and not let anybody in, but the only person who didn’t get in was me!

I am back online, but my arm is bothering me so much I shouldn’t be on here anyway. I probably over did it yesterday.  I am healing up just fine and getting out, but the darn arm is giving me grief. It swells up.

I am not suppose to lift anything heavy yet.  So, I got a turkey and it was in the refrigerator after I rolled it across the floor, and used a lever to roll it up on the first shelf.  Well the expiration date was the 27th so, I had to cook it. Now, how am I suppose to get it into the pan?  I figured it would fit in a 8 x 13 cake pan.  Obviously it has been awhile since I cooked a turkey.  Good news is, it went into the pan.  Bad news was this turkey was full of juice.  Bad news:  oven is a mess!

I got the pan ready and set it on a towel in front of the refrigerator. I was not going to lift the bird.  I rolled it out of the refrigerator with a thud onto a towel in front of the door.  I next cut the bag open with a knife only to be flooded with turkey blood and crap all over the floor. Thank God for dogs! LOL.  When I finally wrestled it into the pan, salted it, and didn’t add any liquids yet; the turkey was ready.  Ready for somebody to lift it two feet off the ground.  I tested it with my right arm.  Hmmmm, not to bad.  How long could this take? How could I walk it up a board into the oven?  Would the dog do it? Nope, not if I wanted anything left.  What neighbor could be found? None.

Could I cut the turkey in two?  No, I only have the right arm and it isn’t strong enough.  sun beach…..  Okay, I decided to give it a go. First I made sure I was right by the oven door that was open, and the oven was hot.  (This probably wasn’t necessary because I felt like a sauna after it was all over….actually it felt good).  I picked it up and set it on a short step stool I have.  Half way there, we are looking good!  Rest a minute.  Lift.   SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Turkey was in the oven.  No stuffing but hey, I got the bird in.

Later when the bird was done, the pan was full.  Way to heavy for me to take out all together, but I gently pulled the bird apart and put it in small heaps on a bunch of different little plates.  It was so good and me and the dogs had turkey for dinner (and for days I do imagine).

Tomorrow is turkey soup day.  Things are looking up. I can conquer all kinds of tasks!



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