Bone Health and Sally Fields

Remember Sally Fields and her bone commercial about Osteoporosis? from a few years back?  I am taking a pill Arimidex that may cause  bone loss, may contribute to bone breaks, and other scary things.

It is important to take action against bone loss before it even starts and that is exactly what I intend to work on with my Oncologist.

There are so many health issues, that I have to address to stay healthy and ahead of the ‘game’  it all gets overwhelming. I feel like I am not starting from the ‘starting gate ‘ either, but from way behind.  But I can manage my health going forward but there of course, are no guarantees.

So, have you ever gone to the Whole Foods store and tried to find calcium?  Just plain old calcium?  There are so many different brands and mixtures…there are bottles, there are bags with coins that look like chocolate.  The bag says it is premium milk chocolate, with Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium.  Hmmm…sounds good.  30 calories each.  This product is called Adora.  There are other bottles of pills that look like they should be for a horse to swallow.  (I don’t think horses swallow pills anyway).   I opt for Adora and the only problem I can see is limiting myself to two a day. I want to eat the whole bag.

Then I worry.  I don’t want to take these pills.  They are tiny little white things and I wonder as I swallow which bone will break first.

Then I know that exercise, and weight bearing exercise will help in the fight against this.  Oh yes, like my body is ready for that.  I was so mad at my arm yesterday, I felt like the guy in the wilderness who cut his off……….just get it off me.  It finally calmed down.  Today the arm is pretty good, of course all I have done today is put highlights in my hair ( yes there are things I am not giving up).  You ever try and do your hair with one hand?

So I set up an organization sheet with my own exercises on it and posted it on the fridge.   Three fifteen minute walks every day.  Five arm exercises…won’t bother to bore you with details.  2lb weight lifting, repetitions starting with five for the left arm. 50 for the right.  I need strength somewhere.

The oncologist said something that stuck with me the last time I was there expressing doubt about these estrogen blockers/progesterone blockers.  He said he can fix a broken bone, but it might not be so easy to fix a re occurrence of cancer.  Arimidex – I better let it do its job.  I want to be around to see my granddaughter walk down the isle, and my grandson graduate from high school.  I want to take long hikes, and I want to live.  I am thankful to have a choice.

Down the hatch!  Me and Sally, but I think my commitment is there.

I think I will have another calcium chew.  No trans fat, no corn syrup, and gluten free.

Have a great day.


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Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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  • Carri Walker

    Haha! You crack me up! Good job – stay with it!