Celebrity Survivors – Many

The following are a list of celebrities that have faced breast cancer:  40,000 women this year will die from breast cancer; one out of every 8 women will be diagnosed.  Men are also on the list below.  Men are usually diagnosed in later stages because of lack of awareness.  Early detection is life saving!

Edie Falco:  Nurse Jackie

Jacklyn Somers – one of Charlie’s Angels – all three had cancer

Gloria Steinam – a leader in women’s rights

Suzanne Somers – Three’s Company

Kate Jackson – another Angel

Christina Applegate – Double mastectomy

Melissa Etheridge – singer and song writer

Olivia Newton John – actress and singer “Grease”

Richard Roundtree – actor

Rue McClanahan – The Golden Girls

Jill Eikenberry – LA Law actress

Ann Jillian – Actress, double mastectomy 1985

Sandra Day O’Conner – supreme court justice

Lynn Redgrave – actress

Shirley Temple – one of the first to go public with mastectomy news

Sheryl Crow  – Singer

Nancy Reagan – First lady

Judy Blume (Its me God, Margaret) author

I am sure there are probably many more.  But its just amazing how much cancer there is in our world. Amazing and sad.

This list makes my heart sad.  But, on the other hand, they have all survived so far. (Rue died from a stroke, 12 years after surviving breast cancer).  First lady Nancy Reagan underwent a mastectomy in 1987, and was at the forefront of vocally expressing the need for mammograms!

But why do we have to get this anyway?



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