Whoa!!! Who Turned Up the Thermostat!

CopiedOct 124Wow, I am hot!  This is almost funny if it wasn’t so weird.  I woke up this morning and I thought what the heck, did I turn up the furnace during the night?  Nope, it was set at 68 degrees.

Oh well I thought, maybe Iam getting sick.  I didn’t feel so great last night.  I dug through the junk drawer (yes I have one) looking for the thermometer to take my temp.  I found it, and after wiping it off,  I stuck it under my tongue, and went about making my cup of coffee.  My single cup… which I have been indulging myself .  I don’t   particularly feel bad, but wow it is hot in here.

I took the dogs out, and left my coat inside.  This is supposedly the coldest day this winter, about 38.   I feel quite comfortable.  The dogs hurry back in, and Mimzy dives under her blanket.

The thermometer says 97.8.  Well I don’t have a fever.  I drink half the cup of coffee and realize quite quickly, that this is a mistake. What the hell, I must be 105 degrees by now.  I get out an ice  pack and put it on top of my head and then it dawns on me.  This is a hot flash.  The side effects of Arimidex, I assume.  I haven’t had a hot flash in fifteen years.

Well, thank God it didn’t last to long, about an hour and a half.  I hope this is not a regular occurrence.  So I decide to check everything this morning, blood sugar 138 – not bad for me, blood pressure…oh oh…155/63…..am I coming to a stop or is that to high?  Usually that is 130/73 like clockwork.

I have a nice healthy breakfast, with extra protein powder and forgo any more coffee, and choose juice instead…four ounces only, orange with extra calcium.  Then I proceed to take all my pills, vitamins, wait 20 minutes and follow it up with a tums because I feel like a bloated goat looks.

All is well in the world of recovery.  (I think).  Now its time to exercise and get into reading my school stuff.  I have to hookup a camera on this computer, so my instructor can see me when he calls.  I am going to have to change, and get dressed early every day now!  Can’t have professor peaking in and seeing me in jammies with hair standing on end! Maybe I can point the camera upward?


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