Football is such a great diversion

Hi Everyone,

I am diverting to something fun for the weekend. I am watching the Denver Bronco’s slaughter Baltimore  3 for 9 on first down.  And tomorrow of course is the big Game, Seattle and Atlanta!  I have interest in these cities. I lived in Denver for a while in the early 90s, and I have always loved the Broncos.  John Elway….the good ol’ days.

So tomorrow, another day of Football.  It makes a great diversion.  We cannot think about The C Word all the time.  In fact, its very healthy to focus on something else, to relax, yelling and screaming with friends!  I’d like to have a beer but I suppose that is out of the question!!!!!!!!!A Pepsi would be a real splurge!

Its good to have balance in life.  Fun is a good thing.  Life is way short to handle it to seriously all the time.  With that, I need to get back to the game because it is suddenly closing in on the Broncos. Oh no!!!

back later perhaps.  Have a good day. If you want to do something for me….go have some fun that makes you belly laugh, scream or holler!!!

Go Team!!!!!!!!!


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