Healing & Moving on – Football and life

Okay, so I was wrong about the Broncos! What a letdown.  This goes to show you that what you think is going to happen, turns left at the last minute.  There you go….different results from what you expect!!

This happens so much in life.  We have relationships we don’t know how to get out of, other relationships end that we thought never would.  As in any type of relationship, whichever way it goes – there is healing.

Healing:  (source Dictionary)  adjective 1. curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal . 2. growing sound ; getting well; mending. noun 3. the act or process of regaining health

Healing as its defined, does not happen instantaneously.  (I however have awfully high expectations of it happening…snap).  Therein lies my fate….being patient, growing sound, mending.  And I am mending.

Everyone is different in how they heal.  Everyone needs to figure out how to deal with a stressful moment, and how to heal after that moment.  That Deepak Chopra guy, which I am not really in to, but I have been checking out his sight on the internet lately…hey it can’t hurt to know how to meditate and relax.  He had, what I thought was a good point about healing and thoughts…the quote follows:

“1. Stress isn’t good for you. 2. The vast majority of people do not deal with their stress effectively. Coming to grips with these two things is important for anyone who wants to create a conscious lifestyle. To be aware is to be open, alert, ready to meet unknown challenges, and capable of fresh responses. When you are under stress, these qualities are compromised. Raise the stress high enough and they are reversed. The mind closes down as an act of self-defense. In that state it is very difficult to be alert and open.

But stress is bad for you in far more basic ways. The hormones that are released in the body’s stress response, such as cortisol and adrenaline, are meant to be temporary. Their effect is to galvanize the fight-or-flight response, which is triggered in a primitive area of the brain, because fight-or-flight is an inheritance from our pre-human past. In the stress response, a privileged pathway is opened for dealing with emergencies, while at the same time the brain’s higher responses are temporarily suppressed.

I know that’s kind of long, but it struck at my core, that I was under stress for a long period of time, and my mind was not conscious of what it was doing.  In the past, I have taken things to damn seriously.  I have always been finding a cause to defend, or jumping into having the answers and help everyone, or letting myself get manipulated by family members.  AND I HELPED NOBODY AND PARTICULARLY NOT ME.  And I am stopping that behavior. See…I always go to extremes.  But I will gently remember, how to make these changes in responding to others differently but positively for me.  No more adrenalin and cortisol for me.  The path that happens is suppose to happen.  Yes, I still love my friends and can offer, but not own it…if you know what I mean?

I guess what I am saying is, I am letting it all go.  LOL  Have a great day!

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