Physical Therapy ….was not physical torture!


Physical therapy turned out to be very good..very good feeling anyway.  I have a great therapist who was not afraid to look at me, who listened to what my complaints were, and she identified very quickly what to do to relieve as much as she could.

Side effects, complications, its all mind boggling.  What you thought would take six weeks to be all over with passes the seventh month mark, and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

No  wonder women are so mad at this disease.

Next week marks my 3 month after the last surgery. I have all the blood tests to go do tomorrow, and then the appointment on the 12th.  I just found out yesterday I have lymphedema in the abdominal area not in the arm.  I never even knew it could go there.  And my scar is attached to my arm and the chest scar is attached to the skin under it, and it all must be broken lose.  I have to do some of it myself in daily exercises but next week she will loosen what I was not able to this coming week.

Its all fun.  I sure hope this is going to be over someday.

Mary Catherine’s boutique in Seattle was a good place to get a compression garment. I never even heard of them before.  Its something like wearing an old fashioned corset…so tight you can barely breathe but its suppose to compress and move out the fluid …I wonder where its moving?

I am going to go off somewhere and have a bad attitude for awhile, and then figure out the next hour.


left right left right………….

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