RED – Retired and Extremely Dangerous

Good Morning,

Wow last night we watched an older movie…RED.  I had no idea what it was going to be about but it was about retired CIA agents, and like the title says “extremely dangerous”.  It was hilarious.  It stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker, John Malcovich and Ernst Borgnine.  I laughed so hard!!

Laughing is good for your soul.  That movie took me out to another place for 90 minutes and just made me happy, and comfortable and relaxed.  That’s what entertainment can do to us for awhile.  Whisk us off to another place and time.  I think we all need that once in awhile, more than we know.

Friends are the next best thing, and the old friends have shared so many things with you over the years.  I am blessed to have alot of friends that have held the test of time.  I am so thankful for them.  When I look on my facebook page, I have only to be reminded of that and I am happy.

Social Media has allowed us to all connect, just a little bit more.  We can catch up with what others are doing.  Sometimes things are not good, but it brings us together so we don’t have to feel alone in this big old world.   It all helps to get through it all easier.  And we help each other.  Isn’t that what it is all about.  We may share many spiritualities, that are not the same, but the common root of all is love and faith.  Faith gets us through!

I recently found a new magazine online, that brought some great books to my attention.  Hope for Women is the magazine and it can be found at: www.

The great book I found to read is Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Over, by John Westfall.  Here is a post from the book…I loved it!  “When hard times strike, we look forward with longing to the day when we will “get over” the event and have closure. This is a difficult–often impossible–road to travel. There are some things in life that we must learn to live with because they will never truly go away for good. Despite that truth, there is life–rewarding and abundant life–after heartache and pain. In Getting Past What You’ll NEVER Get Over author John F. Westfall shares stories with wisdom, humor, and vulnerability, and shows you how to move forward beyond fear, regret, guilt, anger, and bitterness into a life worth living.”  

Last year when I was in Spokane, I met a 37 year young man at a nursing home, who purchased my Wii from me.  He had a spinal tumor and had been left a quadriplegic.  He was happy, smiling, and going around in his scooter chair, and had just purchased a van!  He did not give up.  He looked for things he could still do, and people that he wanted to meet. He was truly interested in others and going forward. He was the most amazing young man, and still is.  When his life turned left, he just kept going.  When times get rough, I remember his journey and the fact he will Never get over this; but to him it doesn’t matter 100% of the time.    He played cards, videos, and enjoyed calling people on the phone.  He is terrific.

There’s also another good movie that just came out, Passions.  Which is a true story about a man that had polio as a child and is in an iron lung as an adult 21 hours a day.  This is an outstanding film staring Helen Hunt who helps him realize his dreams and overcome a dibilitating situation.  But its a story of overcoming, and still living!  It was a very good film, not meant for children but very uplifting to adults for hope and inspiration.

HOPE……hiding out…probably everywhere!  You just have to look for it!  Go find your hope today, or go give hope today somewhere!  You will feel all the better for it!




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