More Physical Therapy

It’s Wednesday.  Wednesday is travel to downtown Seattle to the big Virginia Mason hospital and go to physical therapy.  Oh boy!  I actually do see progress.

They use these little tools, little measuring tools to measure the progress, or lack there of that you made in the last week.  I really did try this week to make some progress.  For the most part, I did the exercises I was told to.  My arm cannot go backwards at all or out.  By this I mean if you put the thumb on the hand up and the arm out to my side at a right angle, I cannot go any farther back than the side of my body.  Its maddening, but it doesn’t hurt. The arm is just stuck.

Today I can raise the arm, I think it was from 97 degrees to 112 degrees.  So there was some progress. That amounts to about three more inches I think upwards, in front of me.  It went about five degrees more backwards, which is only about 1 inch.  But that is good progress for a shoulder that was ‘frozen’.    And, I am getting stronger.

I have not been able to get up on my left side, like to roll out of bed. Forget it, the left side is almost like I had a stroke.  The right side is over compensating, buy hey, it works I can get up.  So the therapist decided to see if I could get up off the massage table to the left. No )$)(*$ way.  Well after two unsuccessful attempts, and I am getting nervous because I don’t want to hurt myself.   Well I finally made it up.  The therapist decided I cheated because I put my foot under the edge of the table and pulled myself up.  Hey! That’s what I do on the right side anyway.  Oh oh, she made me do it again.

To night I am so sore, I went back on ibuprofen.  Wow, but I did it.

Overall, the arm is doing pretty good. I can move side to side. I can now go to the store, and hold my purse in my left hand and open the car door.  I still cannot pull the driver’s door closed without having a rubber rope on the door handle to pull with my right hand.  You should see how I do going through the drive thru window. I can’t reach to get anything.  I think this is nature, telling me not to eat JUNK food!! LOL

I have to go buy a rubber ball, or two, and start rubbing them across my mastectomy incision to break up scar tissue.! Gee, don’t you wish you were me?

Oh well, it is all good.  I am here.  Anything on this side of the grass is good.  People hate it when I say that.

:)   Have a nice night.  I dream of being able to move again.

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