Two steps forward Three steps back

Okay so the week just raced by!  I After PT on Wednesday, I couldn’t hardly move yesterday.  Ug, the , incision is just stuck again.

I think I do better without formal PT.  I was doing so good on Wednesday and even today Friday; just plain sucks.

Outside of that, I have been trying to catch up on my schoolwork. The old brain is not what it used to be, but it is coming around.

My energy is back pretty much, but when I feel that, I don’t sleep well.  All part of the healing process; advance a little, fall back in other areas.

I won a trip for two! That was the big  news.  A trip for two to New York City.  At first I thought it was  a hoax, and I was upset I had to pay the sales tax on it up front!  Gees, talk about not free.  But it is three nights and four days at the Roosevelt Hotel (which is a la deluxe), airfare, airport transport in a limo, and Broadway tickets to some play I never heard of but its probably good.  I paid the tax today and I am taking a good friend in September. It will take me at least that long to save some spending money.  But it should be fun!

I really want to visit the World Trade Center site.  I heard its very spiritual and wonderful.  I had been there in 1988 but haven’t been back since.  While I am there, I am going to visit some publishers and see if I can market my book (of course I have to finish, but September gives me some time).

So things are looking up.  Several friends on twitter have asked me about how I deal with fatigue.  I decided it would be the topic for the weekend. I have some great ideas from a tv show I have been watching (Sit and Be Fit) and using the Wii or the Xbox and dance your troubles away.  More on all that tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!  Its sunny in Seattle!


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