Exercise – Fuel the Plan: The Time is Now :)

Good morning!

Setting goals and following through, has always been hard for me.  But I decided, given the odds are greatly increased for a longer life survival if you exercise, I am going to do it!  Cancer patients need exercise.  Cancer hates oxygen.  I am going to do everything I can in my life to eradicate cancer!

First I built myself an exercise log.  This log is to keep track of when I exercise and post it on the refrigerator, so I can see it and keep myself motivated. I set myself some fitness goals.  I read in the literature, cancer patients have a 20-50 Percent chance of a non – reoccurrence if they will exercise 1 to 3 hours per week.  Well, I can do that. But will I?  I think so. Exercise Log

The second thing I purchased, is a “FUEL” band from Nike.  It has an app that runs on your mobile phone, too.  This wrist band (hey its better than wearing pink!) logs your activity and inspires you to set goals and achieve them! Check out the video, its fun and if you love new techie toys you are going to love this new toy.  I do!


Four months out after surgery, and I have some major issues with the left arm still but there is nothing wrong with my legs.  Yes, I have fatigue and some pain.  But the best way to deal with both of those is to walk.  Because if I walk, I have less pain later in the day and I sleep better.

In order to heal, we need to have a good nights sleep.  That has not been easy for me since getting off the pain pills in December.  I am just wide awake.  Even most of the days I exercise, I am still quite a night owl.  I have tried eliminating napping during the day.  I have eliminated caffeine for the most part, and I am eating right.  But I am not sleeping and I refuse to take sleeping pills.  At least not yet.

At night I can write.  I have been writing something or another since I was about nine.  My dream had always been to be a writer full time.  Now I am doing school work, and being at home; its the perfect time to write.  And, I have been writing nonstop when I can.  Now that I am not looking for a job, and just attending school full time (yes at this age) I have time to exercise and write.

Putting together an exercise plan was a little difficult.  I had to base it on what I could do, and work around my schedule.  I have my PT exercise to do, twice a day for about 20 minutes but they now totally bore me.   But I am continuing to do them.  I added walking about a month ago. Swinging my arm helps as I walk.  I am now doing walks everyday, rain or shine and let me tell you, we don’t get much shine in Seattle.  I think last night we had five inches of rain.  It is by far the worst day this winter….whoops…the first day of spring!

When you decide to embark on an exercise plan, it helps if you get the right tools to go along with the work!  Get yourself a nice pair of colorful athletic shoes. I got a cool pair of orange Nike’s.  Along with it, I also got a pedometer to figure out and track how far I go.  In the beginning…it was pathetic!

The other thing I found by accident, was late one night watching an infomercial.  Monteil Williams came on tv and was endorsing a product (found here http://www.tommiecopper.com).  I thought, what a bunch of baloney but then I started listening.  I had just spent 70 dollars on a compression camisole that doesn’t really work.  Here he was advertising all kinds of garments…shirts, knee supports, full body pants.  Hmmm….I took a chance and ordered a long sleeve shirt.  The only bad thing was they didn’t come in very large sizes, and I have one large breast and then nothing on the other side so everything doesn’t fit…it contorts, stretches, feels awful and I ultimately throw it off.

I decided to order one long sleeve shirt.  It came on the weekend.  I put it on yesterday. I may never take it off!  It was cheaper than at the specialty store. It fits.  It is washable and it is colorful (blue) an stylish!  It is not like the beige (I am sick) color from the store here in town.  Its fantastic and it was not as expensive either.  When you buy three, you get a third off with free shipping.  I never, by the way, endorse products but this works! I highly recommend them.  Wow, what relief. I walked in it yesterday, and it was so supportive. AND I slept last night!!hatAdding a nice hat helps with the attitude also.

Its not all magic, and there are no simple answers, but find yourself a tool set and get moving!  Even if I get 20%….that works for me!  I plan to be here awhile longer. The time to do it is now!NOW  , Have a great day, I am off to play with my new tech toy, set my objectives and get started.   :)


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