Cancerville – Who I Met Along the Way!


I was thinking today, about the people I have met along the way in this journey called “Cancerville”.  Sigh……so there are some good things about this travel.

I have met two fantastic people online, both surviving and thriving but both terminal diagnosed.  Fantastic people they are.  Strong, fighters, and both Mom’s who love their kids more than anything!  They have strength to fight their battles to get one more day here.

Its people like them that are the inspirations!

Every morning, I check their blogs and their twitters to see what’s happening.  I don’t think it would be the end of the day if I didn’t check Ann Silberman’s But Doctor I Hate Pink’s blog and facebook.  The blog entries are few and far between now, but when she writes she has such power and conviction.  She has taught me to apologize for nothing and to keep on ‘keeping on’.  She never gives up no matter how many times she almost loses it.  An amazing woman, who won the 2012 Blog of the Year award.

The other woman who I greatly admire has pancreatic cancer, and is a young mother of two small boys and her name is Ashley.  She writes a blog called Cancer Kickin Girl.  She is young and beautiful and so full of potential.

I am so saddened to see the wonderful people I have met, suffering so.  I am sad for myself too.  Nobody wants this disease.  Its all just sad, and each of us does what we can to make it through but there are no guarantees.  I wonder if we really learn, that this time, this moment is all we have?  I don’t want to leave thinking life was a disappointment.  And then I realized, the problem I was  having was not with life but with me.  I didn’t finish what I came to do.  I have been blessed with time, I think.  So what am I going to do different?

That’s the question.

Tomorrow I am going to go look at the tulip fields.  Maybe the answer is there. :)    Stop laughing…..if nothing else the fresh air will be good for me.

Good Night

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