Cancer Tests, Tests, and More Tests

Have you ever tried to understand all the tests that come from the lab after an appointment?  What do they all mean, and how can I find out what they mean?

Well, we all know our doctors don’t have the time to explain everything in detail.  Its important to list out your questions before you get to the doctor’s office because as soon as I get there, I forget everything I wanted to ask.  First, the assistant starts out with your blood pressure, and that in itself raises your blood pressure.  Of course, she is asking you questions and you are squirming on the seat to get comfortable.  I don’t want to answer any questions when taking BP, because it will be higher.

Then, the assistant finds that your blood pressure is higher, and comments on it, and that causes you more anxiety!  Talk about white coat syndrome!    Maybe she is right, goes through your mind. Maybe there is something wrong with that now?  No, take a deep breath.  If you really have any questions or concerns, get your own blood  pressure cuff and start tracking it at home.  Take the cuff with you to the doctor’s office and have them check the calibration.  That will keep your cuff up to date and working accurately.

So what are some of the basic tests, and how concerned should we be?  I guess that result, is really up to our doctors.  But I will tell you that for a couple of years, before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my doctor said “you glucose is a little high” each time I went in.  Well, why didn’t I ask what he meant by that and why didn’t he tell me that was indicating blood sugar problems leading to diabetes? I might have done something to take some action!

Prevention, is a lot easier, than maintenance after you get a disease!

There are several online medical applications that will take your test results.  They are all free.  They will compare and analyzer  your test results that you get from your doctor too.  I like to think of it as a check and balance quality control check!  The doctors don’t always like it, but then they are paying attention…which is good.  They are busy.  We need to be proactive as patients and get the care we need!

Blood tests are good for other things too.  Like, peace of mind.  If I can see improvement from 9 months ago when I had cancer, it makes me feel better.  The thing is, my results look worse now.  But that is only my look at them.  I have to remember, after three surgeries and all the stress of it all, it takes a toll on your body.  Therefore your results may not look as good as you would like.

I still have to find out from my doctor how they can tell where the hormone levels are at in my body.  I will update you on that after the April 12, appointment.

Meanwhile, I purchased a Merck book.  This is the doctor’s guide and it is very useful although difficult to read at times.  It can scare anyone into thinking their symptoms mean something!

All in all, we most importantly just remember to go on about living our lives, loving our families, and going forward because each day is a gift.  And even if we are not here, the sun will still come up tomorrow and life will go on.   Go make your impact, and leave a legend!  The time is:  NOW

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