Rebuilding Life with What Will Be


Today: The site of New York City’s Ground Zero


I have been thinking about rebuilding the past few days. With everything that happened in Boston yesterday, more and more it has been on my mind about enjoying this day with those I love.

Even devastating health issues are opportunities for growth. Debilitating health issues often don’t have the alarming wake-up call that critical health issues do. People will exist for years with allergies, or fatigue, or insomnia and just try to get by. Type 2 diabetes is slow to show its side effects and thus people change but maybe not!  But when catastrophe hits, and you are diagnosed with something potentially fatal like heart disease, or cancer, then you suddenly make dramatic changes in your habits and lifestyle. When you’ve recovered, if you do, you find yourself feeling better and more energetic than ever. Not only do you feel great, you have a new found appreciation for life, and you begin to live life more fully.  (quote from a magazine article I read, but I can’t find where it was).

 What you find when people have faced a major catastrophe in their lives, is that the new life they build begins with a stronger foundation. We are rebuilding the tower, but we are smart enough now to put the solid stones at the base.  We no longer want to live in a house built on sand.

When we are looking for that new job, we focus on the type of work that we really want to do. When we find new love, we know it because it feels right. When we begin new health habits, we begin with an appreciation for our body and it’s desire for good, nourishing food.  I have been eating organic for six months, and I feel inside so much better.  I literally watched my surgical incision transform itself over the last five months.  It was long wide, and deep and it was ugly from the sternum all the way around under my arm.  I literally watched my body repair itself day by day.  I know this is attributed to proper nutrition and healing.  Breathing is what I have noticed most, has changed.  I am so aware of in and out and in.  Oh and the sun on my face, little that we have had has been so deeply wonderful…warm….and healing.

Building a new life on a solid foundation is the first step toward taking your life to places you never thought you’d go.

So, the next time you feel that your life has ended because something terrible has happened. Next time you feel like life is crashing down on you – look for the opportunity. It’s there.

You are no longer tied down to WHAT WAS.

Because buried in that mess is the opportunity to create WHAT WILL BE.

The time, of course, is now.NOW

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