Cancer Friends? The Real Housewives of Chemotherapy!

You will have to search on the New Housewives of Chemotherapy because its two young gals going through Chemo together, and the happy funny side that has left them with a nurse telling them to not make so much noise…..they were laughing!

A trip to the chemo ward is like taking a look down a dark grim path. I hope I never have to go there although I don’t know what the difference is between having the IV and taking the pill form.  Except I am thankful no port, and not all that vomiting.  Did I say, NOT all that vomiting? hmm  Notice I did not say none!

Well the insurance night mare continues.  I have been looking for cheaper plans, but I am so thankful for the good coverage I have even if it is very expensive.  It comes first, before eating and the rent!  My bills are awfully expensive.  Later this month, comes the big checkup.  I never knew a doctors appointment could be well over 600 dollars just for an office call.  Try getting cancer. It is not cheap.

I would much rather be buying new shoes.  Boy, who gets new shoes with cancer? Who can wear shoes.  Your feet swell and not at night!

This week a friends girlfriend died in a kayaking outing on the Green River.  I don’t think anything good ever came of anything when I think of the Green River.  That’s where wonderful Gary Ridgeway did his killings for years.  That’s where she died. I think that whole area is cursed.  I have been in such a depression thinking about the whole thing, and why do bad things happen to good people.  I don’t know.

I am feeling like I want to go back to work. I am going to school but I need to have something to do, out and away from the house.  Away from my mind and the internet which fills my head with to many questions, and not enough definitive answers.  It fills my head with doubt.

I am off to a friends birthday party.  I was to broke to buy her anything and she said to me, I am just thankful to have you here with me.  God, I cried all the way over there.  Sometimes just our presence is enough.  Thank God for friends like her.

It was an unexpected gift at an unexpected time….the best gift ever…the gift of love and friendship.  Can’t buy that!  I am off to have pizza and birthday cake.  Happy Birthday Pat!



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