The Fresh Water Bottle – Drink lots of fresh water!

We all know that we need to get plenty of fresh water, but do we do it?  Not usually.  Or we drink from plastic bottles that may not be safe!

Okay, I do not mean to sound like a commercial here. Nor am I making any money from doing this, I just seen it and I think it is a great idea for getting fresh healthy water with you every day.

It’s called the Gobe H20 bottle and it is environmentally safe, and it has an internal filter.

GovieThis is a picture of it.  Currently it only comes in blue, but they are adding colors.  It has a hard outer surface, but a flexible rubber like circle that you squeeze as you drink.  Its totally environmentally safe.  I know at home my water leaves a red wring around the

I first seen this on the Shark Tank.  I thought it was an awesome idea, and I knew I would buy one!  Right now you can get 10percent off by going to their web site.  These bottles aren’t cheap.  They are like 29.99 a piece without the discount.  The filters are good for three months.  Why didn’t I ever think of this? But with having cancer, I am concerned about having a safe drinking source.  Now I can have it right in my home, and drag it everywhere safely. No more tap water.

You can check this out online yourself.  Just search on Gobie Bottle and it will pop up.  Currently, they are only available online but will be in stores soon.  I think this guy had a great idea, and we should support the little guy.  Everybody should have a Gobie bottle.

I wonder why they named it that?  Topic for another day.  But like I said, I am not getting anything out of this financially.  I just thought it was a great idea.  It has a little hoop like thing at the top, so you can even text while you are holding the bottle.  I like it!!

Have a great day!

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