Trees….Gorgeous Trees and Feelings

Good Morning,

I really love trees.  They convey emotions to me so clearly, maybe even so more than water.    Here are some gorgeous ones that I love:  When I know what type they are I will put it in. I guess I should learn their names but I just like to look at them! Can you see a story they could tell?



Now I love the purples.  Can you imagine lying on your back on a warm 80+ degree day and staring up into these colors? How relaxing and stress relieving would that be?  Priceless.

And what about this one…mystery..intrigue..


and this one is called River Teeth.  The actual roots of the tree strengthen and guide the path of the river.  We need River Teeth when we have cancer because they hold us firm and don’t let us get swept away by the dark beneath the water.


and of course this tree…because it is the tree of Hope…the light shines through and tells us tomorrow is coming….soon


I love trees. They are a symbol of strength, of being deep rooted, of being able to stand up to the winds of time and winters of harsh cold.  They live on until removed or weakened with time and disease.  But oh how beautiful they are until then.

Have a super weekend!  Do something new….find a tree and communicate with it!


About Bonnie

Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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