Happy Weekend! Happiness abounds Puget Sound!

Happy Weekend!

I took some time to just go have some fun today!  I went on the bus to downtown Seattle!  Pike’s Place Market is steaming with a fresh influx of tourists and of course, its crowded.  Right in front of the market the Seattle Police Department were attempting to arrest an Asian man who seemed to be causing a loud ruckus and not cooperating with them trying to put him in their cruiser.

Oh I stood  there and thought, this is not a safe place to be. It would be just my luck to get shot as a bystander in downtown on a sticky Friday afternoon.  Our city sort of has a reputation for not dealing so well with the homeless or ‘drunk ‘ guy – which I think this guy was.  I would not take on the Seattle police for anything.  Gosh I think they shot a guy with a rat tail comb last year.  You have to be careful!  But this guy had a shoe fall off and he didn’t want to be handcuffed till he got his shoe on.  Seemed reasonable to me but sorry folks, I didn’t come to his rescue.  I moved on!  I leave the saving up to Jesus these days!

The flowers were in full bloom of course! I so love Seattle in the summer.  And today is the first full day of Summer right? Solstice too I think.  Let me see if I can find my picture of the moon they are predicting for June 23rd.MoonOverSeattle well I couldn’t find my photo…but June 23rd is suppose to be when the moon is going to be the closest to the earth in like a million years or something.  So be sure and go outside late Sunday night and catch the moon up close. I will try and take some pictures if it is not overcast here.

Lots of stuff going on in the Northwest.  This is Ironman weekend over in Coeur d Alene and that’s when they swim bike and run for an entire day!  I never could understand all that non stop exercising but I suppose its fun and if you have a body that is working well….well I would give it a try.  I go back and forth in the pool real slow for two hours and I feel like a major accomplishment.

Hey we need to start small and work up to a larger amount of exercise. Its true at any age if you ‘ve been sick.

Ya know what I have noticed lately that has changed?  Changed like really big?  I am happy!  yes I felt it yesterday.  and I thought….what is that weird feeling..yup that’s it. I feel it again.

I am changing.  The black cloud of crap has lifted and i do see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is NOT the train.  Its JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Go forth and conquer!  Hugs to all.


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