Unexpected Gifts at Unexpected Times – The best!!

Good Morning!

Hopefully our weather is rebounding back to nice so I can get back into the pool.  I think today it will have to be back in the pool even if it is cold. I need to get my exercise in and keep that arm moving!

Many of you have sent me little things over the past six months whether it has just been a welcomed greeting or a pizza delivered on Friday night (Thank you Jennifer!).  Today a little box arrived by UPS and it jiggled and sounded interesting!  It was from a far off place and interestingly enough there was no return address on the box.

Upon opening the box, I found it was full of stones! Small stones, bigger ones and several onyx type rocks….all shiny and some were new looking (if a rock can be new) and some were very old looking.  On the backs of them were written single little words.

I wonder if this person knows that I write things on everything? Like my planters out front…gratefulflowers and I have written on some stones too in my day.

But here is this wonderful little box of rocks. I love rocks.  They remind me of river beds and hikes, and good times spent out doors.  They remind me of memories….its like each rock is a unique memory.   So….thank you for the box of rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocks are like little secrets too.  all tucked away..where did they come from? What weather have they seen? What storms did they ride out and make it through?

Just like us….riding out the storm…one rainstorm, one winter snow and one hurricane at a time.  This friend is from Mississippi.  I haven’t seen her in over ten years and she too has breast cancer.   Her storm will not end so well.   But she remembers how we use to gather rocks and shake our heads at my mother as she was always loading the back of the car with rocks when we went somewhere.  She remembered when I was 17 and we traveled to my grandfather’s funeral across Montana in the dead of winter.  My mother still gathered her rocks.

There was no note.  No letter.  She didn’t need to include anything but what she did.  The message was there.

Thank you for the present dear friend!  I will see you on the other side.

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