You can Change. Start with Your Attitude!

To bring about real change…. in myself has been difficult. I don’t know what changes I am suppose to have had or done during this cancer battle.  And I will call it a battle because it has been; and continues to be to get myself physically back to or in better shape than I was.

I swim two hours a day now.  A habit I have been doing for over six weeks now. I have missed four days when i went to Idaho and I missed it each and every day.  The pool is only open until labor day so I have until then to get me a job so I can afford to use an indoor pool this winter.  Its crucial for my arm to recover and regain full use.  I hope it will and it has dramatically improved but its probably only at 20 percent.  Its hard to use the computer when you cannot life your arm up.  It goes quite well now side to side; but not up :(

I can also carry a bag of groceries now.  not to far, but from the car to the house!  That is victory for me!  That was a long time coming.  Many trips back and forth using the right arm only and not even that arm much.  Any kind of weight pulled across my chest.

I guess I have to finish this in the morning because i just about fell asleep at the computer until somebody let off a firework bomb.  oh well sleep well everyone.  Tomorrows another day. I hope my brain just will turn off and let me sleep!


About Bonnie

Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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