Breast Cancer Is Not a Pink Ribbon

Breast Cancer Is Not a Pink Ribbon.

The Project is coming to Houston Texas.  It explores the lives of women as early as 18 and as old as 35 and the physical displays of their outcome after breast cancer…or during depending.  You should definitely check this out and you will see for yourself the devistation left by cancer surgery.  It isn’t a pretty site.

And the hole left on your chest is nothing compared to the hole left in your psyche or heart.  So much of the message of women and about women has been and continues to be about physical appearance.

Take away your physical appearance….hmmm… but what about taking away your physical being?

maybe most of you don’t get that.  A part of you missing.  Just a reminder……..

You can check out David Jay’s images at this site.  I will give him his due respect and not post any of his art here.  Maybe I should say their art.

It leaves me with a hollow sunk heart. View it if you dare.    and choose images.



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