Sorry Clock. I Hated Your Ticking!

Good Morning!

The good thing about getting things off your chest; is that you feel better later.  And that’s how I feel much better.  It’s hard for the rest of you I know, especially if you don’t have cancer or haven’t had cancer.  Cancer is a weird little demon with such strength and power to mess not only with your body; but with your mind and with the emotions and minds of all your friends.

Just about when I think I am okay with this whole mastectomy thing…and trust me I know I am not okay with it…last night at the pool a lady started crying when I got out of the pool…wet suit and all and was drying off.  Of course I was taken off guard.  I haven’t been wearing any prosthesis in the pool.  Why should I?  Its inconvenient and it drags you down in the water.  And I just don’t care.  Gees I was surprised.

I don’t know what to say to touchy feely people. :(   I am so use to the other ones that are just rude and say stupid things, or people that just ignore me ….so I just hugged her.  It was fine.

Good thing she did that after the clock incident!  i did mention the clock incident yesterday didn’t I?  Well for those of you that didn’t read yesterdays post or if I didn’t mention it…I had an accident with an antique clock yesterday.  It fell off the wall as I was coming into the kitchen carrying a chair and hit me in the shoulder…the frozen shoulder.  Now a frozen shoulder is not immune to pain.  The clock fell crashing down to the floor and I guess that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I had a melt down!

I stomped on the face of the clock breaking the glass face and then I picked it up and banged it on the wall.  I hate this trailer and I hate that clock and I threw it out the back door as hard as I could.  Which might not be all that hard because I am not very strong but it hit the vacant house next to me and shattered.  :(    It is now in the garbage and my temper tantrum is over.  I said many bad words very loudly and I am sure the neighbors think I am insane.

I guess everyone needs a melt down now and then.

Sorry clock.  I hated your ticking anyway.  You know….here is some more baggage out of my life.  Why do we hang on to crap just because its probably got some value, when we don’t even like it?  More crap out of my life.  Good!

Marching onward..I have to go take another test and prepare for the Fourth of July.  I am going to have some fun tomorrow!  I am going to be glad that I have the opportunity to just have a day of relaxing and trying out my new BBQ!Happiness-Hands1

Go forth and have a good day.  life is good.


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