A Cover Doesn’t Make You Who You Are

I want everybody to really read this and think about it. How tall or how short somebody is; or how good looking and sexy they look on the outside; doesn’t make who a person is. Looks fade with time. Age takes everyone from vibrant and young to aging and old; if they get the opportunity to age!  Integrity, commitment and being there with a heart of service is what it is all about.

The following is a photo and quote from a neurosurgeon about his work on the brain.

Dr Carlson

I get so tired of hearing people say that oh that person won’t work in my life because he isn’t tall enough or rich enough; or intelligent enough!  She isn’t my idea of the model woman!  She is too old.

when are we all going to finally look at what’s inside; not what’s on the outside.

That being said, there are some pretty ugly people on the inside too.  I have seen it in action personally this year.  Some dense, cruel, thoughtless people who walk away when the going gets tough.

On the other hand, I think and I choose to believe that the good people outweigh the bad (and in some cases they do out weigh!! LOL) and I am finally learning that there comes a time in your life that you have to walk away from those people that continually drag you down with their ugliness, their lies, and their lack of support for me as a person.  I do need to move on. I thank them for their ugliness because it is clear I need to be somewhere else.  It is a shame that because of who they are related to, I have to lose other people in my life also because of their lies.  But I have faith,, that a time will come when everyone will know the truth.

And the truth shall set me free.


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