Summer Exercises and Recovery

Hi Everyone!

The Seattle summer has been perfect this year.  Warm hot days and warm nights although it is starting to cool down down at night.  Might even have some rain in the forecast later this week.  Time to get everything done.

I finished off my year end appointments with all the doctors last week and everything checked out great.  Such a relief!  Now to just get on with recovery.

Speaking of which, I have definitely found that swimming is my passion and it certainly has helped me to get back into shape.  Now I am going to add some weight training to this to build my muscles in my left arm back up.  That’s going slowly but you have to start somewhere.  I laughingly joked with somebody yesterday that I could kill somebody with the underarm flap on the left arm when i wave it back and forth.  Gees talk about empty!!  LOL

The semester came to an end with school and tomorrow starts another semester filled with fun courses (not) and I was hoping this would be the home stretch but it will take one more year.  That’s okay I wasn’t doing anything else anyway.  ha ha   I have funding through two more semesters so I am taking advantage of this opportunity.

I haven’t posted much. I have actually just tried not to think about cancer to much lately.  Last week was all the appointments and that physically and mentally leaves me exhausted. It’s all so stressfull.  You think you are probably okay but then you never know.  And there are so many people that I know that have had this disease and they have almost all had a reoccurrence somewhere.  That doesn’t leave me feeling to good.

So I am not saying much today. I have things to go do.  and I am going to go do them.  and forget about this for awhile.  Email me or twitter me if you want to light a fire under me to write again. I just don’t feel like it. I just want to go away to the corner and lick my wounds and have a different life.



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