New Computer New login problems!

Wow if I had remembered how hard it was to set up a new PC,, I might have passed on it.  Wow…I had forgotten.  Guess what? I am back on the old PC tonight because I couldn’t get into my blog.

So It doesn’t matter what I type on I guess. I just missed my blog.  Not that I have had anything to say but holy cow I felt insecure without having my blog to come write   on and write out my feelings.  So if nobody is reading this, well oh well it is helping me!!!

but this computer has its problems. Its dying on the vine so I better get all my info off of here or nobody will be hearing from me!

What have you been up to this summer? I have been focusing on swimming and rehab therapy for my arm.  Oh there is that homework thing to cause I am going to school.  That has been hard.  Focusing is hard.

and there is this little thing about relationships with people.  I have patience about the length of a toothpick.  This whole thing is very hard.  I may become a hermit.

Instead I am planning on taking a road trip.  A road trip in the car that is dying!!??Well it is not dead yet.  I might rent one.  What the heck.  Enterprise is always there and they are reasonable if you  search for a bargain.  Weekends are about 9.99 a day but you better have insurance.

I have an article I have been writing. Its almost ready to post here. I wrote it for a ezine in New York and they have the right to publish it first and then I can post it here.  Its on grief and loss.  How to handle yours and someone elses.  I think it is one of the best things I have ever written.  I have worked hard on it.  I am trying to get it all grammatically correct…to keep those of you that are so critical form targeting me with arrows!

Speaking of which, I had an acquaintance that really criticized another blogger who is final stage of pancreatic cancer. She said her blog wasn’t worth reading because it sounded like she was on drugs.  Well da!  She has a wonderful blog and it might be full of what some people would call errors but what do you expect when the person is terminally ill and fighting for their life?  “Excuse me while I get my dictionary and make sure my spelling is correct.”  I don’t think so.  Give her a break.

People can be just as cruel as they can be kind.  Please be nice.

oh yes and then there was the  person that said I should go do something outside my comfort zone.  Hey lady, I am just glad to have a peaceful quiet comfort zone…I have been out of my zone for over a year.  No thank you.  Get me to the comfort zone.

Have a good night.  I will try and post more now that I can get into my account again!



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