Anything is possible? A new nose?

Hi There,

No I am not talking about getting a nose job, I am talking about a Chinese doctor who is growing a new nose on a man’s forehead!  Think about it.  Anything might be possible!  Its amazing.


Okay we are looking forward (are we?) to Pinktober coming! This month is about breast cancer awareness.  How much progress have we made? What does this have to do with this man’s new nose?  It has do with it because, really people, really….anything is possible!

If we believe anything is possible……….the potential is limitless.  The hope is endless and the future is possible if not ‘probable’ !  That is good news.  I am the biggest skeptic there is. I question everything. I am sure I drive my doctor’s nuts because I look for the positive and negative in everything they suggest. I realize that my body literally depends on their making the right choices.

I alone have to live with the consequences of  their choices.  But I am getting better.   I actually feel my shoulder again.  I cannot move it yet or make it move but it is no longer numb.  Maybe, just maybe it is coming back! Yippee.  Three months of swimming two hours a day, is starting to pay off.  Exercise is so wonderful.

Who ever thought I would do two – 5K runs this summer!  I did.  I may have been slow but I finished. :)

Life is good.  Anything this side of the grass is definitely a good thing.

winner is!


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Breast Cancer survivor owned by one old Shelty and a 3 pound Yorkie named Mimzy!
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