It is Fall. Time to check out Obama Care

Trees Wow doesn’t this look foreboding?  I almost feel as I walk through this maze that the fingers of the roots will reach down and choke the life out of me.  I think I seen that once in a movie years ago.  If we  can only get to the other end!

This is like the trip down Obamacare trying to find a health care plan.  My healthcare ended this summer.  I got the letter yesterday.  I figured September 30th was my end date, but somebody decided August 1 was the date.  Oh boy, and the bills I ran up in August and September.  Guess I don’t have to worry about going back to the dentist and finishing my dental work.  :)

See there is a bright spot in every storm!  Nothing like being in the Cancer warfare without health insurance.  Pray it doesn’t come back.  Think how horrible it will be to not have insurance and need it.  Ug.  well I am not going to dwell on it cause I can’t do anything about it today.

Its always something.  What are you doing this weekend to cheer up your life?  Its storming and I think I will read a book.  I am taking one day off from working on my Project Management certification.  I am certainly not going to trying and figure out Obamacare. Instead, at 12 am on October 1, I am going to log on and sign up.

One day at a time.  One day at a time.



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