Does Death Really Come in 3′s?

The last time I wrote, my mother had died.

Last Saturday, my friend Lee Olson died.  Many would say he lived a whole life because he died at 84.  His birthday had been Thursday.  So he wasn’t much past 84.  I had already lost my biological father many years ago, but Lee was like really losing my Dad.  He was my adviser, my close  friend’s husband, a neighbor for many years and my friend.  We loved to laugh together.  After I visited their house so many times, I would come away with renewed strength and faith in life.

Lee was a good father to his three boys.  He loved them all and in unique ways.  He had a very special place in his heart for his granddaughter Katie.  I can’t believe he is gone.

I am thankful he went quickly.  I guess.  Some say its better.  He did not suffer.  He was making plans to move and was positive, and excited about it.

When we lose our friends, it’s always that reminder that this life is so short.  It can end so quickly and sometimes goodbyes are not an option.

So hug your loved ones.  Be grateful.

I am grateful for my friends.  Grateful for my girls even if they won’t talk to me.  I am busy figuring out my own life, and I suppose not having figured it out is a good thing because then it might be over. LOL

I don’t have answers.  At this time, I only have good memories and the sadness of grief.  But its not a bad thing.


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