Stepping Forward

“I have no past–the steps have disappeared
the wind has blown them away.”
James Kavanaugh, There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves    

I love James Kavanaugh’s poetry.  There are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves is the only thing I remember memorizing and not forgetting.  But I really liked the above quote which I found today.  Our lives are like that….footprints in the sand..but the wind does blow over them and the only direction is forward to new footprints.  Because the old footprints have disappeared.

Interesting thoughts.  Our past is like that.  and probably best forgotten, so the path ahead is open.  We cling to a lot of things from the past, perhaps because they are familiar; perhaps because we ‘think’ we ‘should’ because of roles we play or think we are assigned.  Perhaps the answer is in the wind.

About Bonnie Remmick

Four year cancer survivor trying to help my fellow journey mates get through the maze of treatment and the unending joy of recovery! If we just help each other along the way, the path is not so steep. Take my hand, my friend and come along the way! Its going to be a journey to Yourself.
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