Back Online! The Pink Elephant in the Room.

unpluggedHey I am back!!  Been getting my blog site unscrewed up, and it has taken awhile.  Victory, today we are back up and running!

Its all so exasperating.  I spent two weeks going crazy because I could not write, and now I can and I can’t think of anything to say. LOL.  Isn’t that like women?  Okay okay I will not bash my own gender!  But we are a wonderful lot. I think all you men are lucky! So you better take care of us!  We need you.  Whether we show it or not all the time, is I know questionable.  But we do need you.  Everybody needs somebody.  Its just hard to be vulnerable and expose your soft side to someone.

I think what we need to remember is that we are all just doing the best that we can.  And accept each other right there.  It is very hard to forgive someone, that has done you a big wrong.  But the longer you take, the more damage it does to you.   So spend your emotional energy somewhere, where it is worthwhile.

Someone once said “That truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable”.

Just don’t let it make you miserable too long.  I am off to gym to get some exercise. I have found this really helps me feel better all day long.  Find what helps you feel better and do it!  Have a great day.



About Bonnie Remmick

Four year cancer survivor trying to help my fellow journey mates get through the maze of treatment and the unending joy of recovery! If we just help each other along the way, the path is not so steep. Take my hand, my friend and come along the way! Its going to be a journey to Yourself.
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