January……….no shade in Seattle…32degrees

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time agoAngry-Bird-Seattle-Monora.jpg

This was taken the day I started working downtown.  I was sitting under a tree.  I wonder how many millions of pictures have been taken of the Space needle? When I was there I was thinking there was something wrong with me. I had the cough from hell.  But nope, the doctor said just bronchitis. That cough would haunt me for six months until my diagnosis. I have not coughed since. Coincidence?

Well I have identified all the local area support groups, and I am off to one tonight at a local hospital.  Its good to know where these groups are and what dates.  Nothing appears to be consistent, but they do have schedules.  I just haven’t felt up to going out at night, (heck I haven’t even gone out hardly during the day), but I will tonight.

Tonight’s topic is ‘Exercise…getting started”.  Well I am all over that. I feel like I have turned into a marshmallow.  but its important to get the right exercises and instructions.  So a hospital should be a good place right?

I don’t have much to say.  I am just enjoying  peace and quiet.  Its January, cold outside, and feels like a good time to just rest.  I got my books for school, and I cannot believe I have to take pharmacology for this health informatics degree. Oh what was I thinking?  I hope my brain is working, and , remembering.  Chemistry?  Okay lets give it a shot this morning.  Maybe if I read one month in advance I will get it!

I hope you are all well, and at peace.  peace is good.  Next month I have to go back to the oncologist and I am nervous already.  I am doing all I can do, and eating right.  and I promised I wouldn’t worry.    I have five physical therapy sessions set up, and one at 11 so I better get going.

Have a good day.  I was trying to put a funny picture in here, and I just can’t seem to get it in. but you can check it out on my facebook page





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