Saturday – Jan 19th, MLK do a secret today!

Hey Everyone,

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  I mentioned a challenge the other day of finding a surprise you can do, something helpful, in secret today in honor of MLK day.

I know people are doing things like this all over for different things.  For the kids back east, that news announcer (I can’t remember anybody’s name today so I am just going with the flow) challenged people to do 26 good deeds.  Thats alot.

I am just suggesting one good thing today.  I don’t know what I am going to choose yet, either.  I think I  will just go out into the world, and let serendipity lead the way!  Its good for me to get out.  I have spent way to much time in the house.  Now I am organizing my time better.  Before, I was busy with treatment, and trying to find a new job.  Like, how ready was to do that?  but I would have.  Since then I rewrote my resume four times, for different type of positions.

Someone suggested I listen to Tony Robbin’s tapes, and I did that.  They are free online and he has a good 20  minutes speech I think I put a link to.  He is so positive, and motivating.  Because someone fed him and his mother when he was eleven, he has been feeding the world ever since…8 million people last year.   See….adversity can be good for you!!  Although, its hard to see it at the time.

I think I will go visit my other friend from the bakery, and surprise her with a new pillow!  She mentioned she would like to have a heart pillow.  Which I have been making, and giving away…  I have the perfect one, its purple with soft pink in it.

Pink…..I am not to fond of  pink anymore either. Don’t ever expect to see me with a pink ribbon tattoo.  but I have actually  been thinking about getting a tiny tiny tattoo of an open heart.  Either that or I should do the NBP….no blood pressure on my left arm.  Oh that would be lovely.

Maybe a hummingbird, or the red bird I seen outside my window.  I got it………I will get a removable one first!! LOL

off to have a good Saturday.  Take a moment to do the secret good deed! :)

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